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Historical Downtown Greenville, South Carolina. Self-Guided Walking Tour traffic, thus creating the first downtown pedestrian-centered and casual sitting area in the Congress, South Carolina statesman, served as the U.S.'s first Minister to . If you will look across the river further to your left towards the Main Street.
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Meet the chefs and sample their creations, see cooking demonstrations as available , go behind-the-scenes with kitchen visits, eat in elegant private dining areas, and more. Tour participants receive a chronological history beginning with a view of the falls from the newest icon of the city's cityscape—the award-winning pedestrian Liberty Bridge.

The Greenville BBQ Trail tour is your opportunity to try back-to-back tastings of what are considered by many to be among the top BBQ spots in the city—the types of joints with smoke stacks sticking out of their roofs. Guests will learn about the development of the city from its origins to the great revitalization of the last decades. Greenville, South Carolina yeahTHATgreenville has established itself as one of the top cities in America with its strong economy, job market, quality of life, culture, vibrant downtown and great city planning.

Our natural waterfall is a world-class attraction and our restaurant scene has gained national attention for its quality and diverse offerings. We would go to Whole foods just to speak to people. One day my son asked me id the deli man at the whole foods was his uncle,because he was the closest thing we had to a friend. We started to believe that it was us and for what ever reason we were unlikeable, and it was all our fault because it was inconceivable that that many people were unfriendly. Now that we have moved we are ourselves again, my son has a ton of friends and playmates, we have so many friends that it is hard to keep up with them and getting together.

It took us a little while yo get over the shock that people were nice. There is No amount of money that could ever make me move my family back to Greenville. Seriously if you offered me million a year in salary but I had to live in Greenville I would turn it down. I would look at Knoxville tn, it is a nice size city , there is a major university so that it is used to diversity. There are several small towns surrounding Knoxville, Sevierville which has a ton of tourism dollars influx which is good.

A lot of people like Columbia SC, it is a bit humid in the summer though. Roanoke Va is a nice town in the mountains, and several of the smaller towns around Washington DC have great lifestyle points, Steady income from government and a commute that is not bad. I would Google best towns to live in America Plus what ever else is important to you,Family,biking,jobs,culture Also you may want to look around where you live, or even the other coast. My Wife has family in Oregon and they love it there.

At The Chef's Table Culinary Tour

Where do I start or do u wnat the what's not wrong with yonkers list its shorter. I want u guys to do something and lookup the crime rate. I moved to this apt that I pay a month in aug. I got drug dealers downstairs upstairs and everywhere we walk someone is strung out infront of my building. My car got slammed into by someone who decided to drive drunk.

Our apt got broken into two months ago and they took electronics. A man got shot in broad daylight up the street another got shot because he told someone to fix their loud car. And not to menthion the execution of a teenager right in the face! Two blocks from here!! To own a house it a down payment of for a house in the bad area! Its almost 3 dollars a gallon. Whichis not bad considering last summer it was almost 5. Do u want me to keep going. Let me not even start about the school system!!!

The cops don't care TEN buildings burned down cuz a crack head started a fire and TEN buildings burned three people died included a 2 month old with the firehouse 30 feet away!!!! Do u want more?? I moved to Greenville from Miami and it is the best thing I ever did. The people in the Upstate are friendly, helpful and wonderful -- and I am not a church -goer, don't have racial or Yankee prejudice I grew up in the Northeast , didn't attend a Southern college and vote mostly Democratic!

I find people here great to deal with and live near. I plan to move down the mountain to Greenville from NC next year, and love the town. I think you could live anywhere and find prejudices but if you have confidence in yourself you will begin to attract like-minded people. I can actually see myself helping to form a spiritual not religious community there through my work as a Healing Touch practitioner.

It all has to start somewhere. We have been thinking about moving to greenville. My husband has lived in sarasota fl. We attended a class reunion this month in sarasota and talked with a classmate that lived in greenville for 17 yrs and loved it. She returned to florida because of her grandchildren. I do appreciate hearing the different views from people and we will do our best to scope out all the areas of concern.

We are both very outgoing people and hopefully will be able to get a feel from interacting with the community. Need to get out of the florida heat!! I moved to Greenville from Miami more than two years ago, and love it more with each passing month. I turned down a better-paying job offer in Raleigh, NC to take this job in Greenville, and it is still the single best life-decision I ever made.

And I am originally from New England, don't go to church , and didn't know a single soul or anybody's "daddy" here. This weekend we went to see Robert Earl Keene live at the Handelbar and the Greenville Symphony perform Mozart on Saturday, along with a few great dinners downtown including Smoke and Lazy Goat in beautiful fall weather with wonderfully pleasant and helpful people everywhere. People mostly get what they want out of where they live IF they look for it.

This place is way too special to be spoiled by people with chips on their shoulders who are looking for the world to suit their tiny, self-absorbed lives.

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The person from Sarasota was pissed because the mayor didn't respond to their whining??!? Give me a break! How very Florida of you! Life is mostly what you make it, and I have never, in more than 20 years of moving around in 5 great cities, found a place easier to enjoy life in than Greenville. Lucius in New York, New York. Please pay attention and think a million times before moving to South Carolina because you're in for disappointments. The people of South Carolina don't want people from other States to move there in "their" State.

Those people are very unfriendly, especially if they know that you're going to stay or are about to move there. There is no southern hospitality except if one goes to a restaurant,shopping around as a tourist. That's another case and they play the game well on this but they change mood if they know that you live there. Look, this is a bible, fundamentalist,one-mindset State.

These people drive cars like crazies. On the highway they drive mph and when you look through the rear mirror you see a car, all the cars just right up to your bumper scaring hell out of you, going bumper-to-bumper causing you to drive faster to distance yourself from them. They all drive the same way including the Police. When the drivers make a right turn they go all the way or almost to the left or to the middle of the road and then they make the turn. When they turn left the opposite happens.

This is also the State where Bible and Guns rule. If you happens to live in the country and have a dog and the dog goes on somebody else property they may warn you once or twice about it but if the dog keeps going there it's all over for the dog. Be used also to gunfire as it is legal to shoot in your backyard.

These are quick-tempered people. One word misunderstood makes them violent. Also don't expect people to have long discussion with you. They keep it short. Moving to South Carolina to find a job? There are no jobs in the State. That is don't count on it. Why would you move to a place where people have an ugly accent and where in the summer is extremely hot and humid and and winters humid-cold?

In SC you will never feel at Home. Lucius in Brooklyn, New York. Blessed, I agree with you about the Bible. I'm a Christian too but the people in SC think that their Christianity protestant-fundamentalist is the true religion of the "Lord". In fact there is an extremely fundamentalist sect in Greenville,SC, which claims that Christian Catholics are the Devils and that Catholics "don't love the "Lord". In the 's Bob Jones Jr. With people like these As for North Carolina and basically all of the former Confederacy I don't advice people to move there.

Greenville History Tours | South Carolina Food and History Tours

Difficult to find jobs in North Carolina also because we're talking about very poor States unless one wants to do some menial work and just get by. At the moment Mexicans are taking all the entry level jobs and the locals are out of work themselves. They can fire workers,employees anytime. When it comes to accessibility to medical care this is another problem. The Doctors and Hospitals are few and far in between and if you don't have good coverage you get nothing more than the Emergency Room treatment which is mandated by federal laws.

Almost no doctor will accept Medicaid by itself with no Medicare or private insurance. Some people have mentioned Charleston. Whether is Charleston or Myrthle Beach it can be nice here if it's summer only otherwise in the fall and winter the streets and Motels are almost deserted and just around the corner outside the Cities it's full of criminals. Columbia is not good either. If you're looking for Arts,Music and history anywhere there is nothing of this stuff. People just like Bars,Guns or staying inside and the discussion,if any, falls often on the Civil War and the Rebel flag.

The list goes on!!!

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  • IF you judge a state by the medicaid system, then I guess that you have different criteria! The Lowcountry and the Grand Stand are Wonderful places to live! We are a right to work state,so jobs are coming to our state and leaving others Boeing , BMW The South has a rich and glorious history,one that we are proud to share! Lucius in Staten Island, New York. Sorry but I have 25 years of experience of what it means living and dealing in South Carolina, the way people think, they think very differently their behavior,what they say about the northerners and all those who are not from the South.

    It's an uphill battle. People who move there are already in trouble the moment they open their mouth and start talking. No, South Carolina is a place where Work is not a right. Everyone works at the pleasure of the employer or company. This is a fact. There are NO unions and locals have not even the guts to organize to improve their conditions through advocacy groups.

    I didn't say that the South doesn't have any History. I just want people who are planning a move to the South and South Carolina in particular to have all the information available to make the right decision and not do what we did and felt trapped and angry to have moved there. Eventually we left and came back North. Perhaps, the posters who want to move because of changing demographics forced integration included , crime and taxes and other problems, can find a new place a few miles away in different Counties or Cities or can just go to a nearby State within their own culture,and way of life.

    When I said "Arts, Music and "History" in the other post I meant not much going on World History and psychological development concerning it. I would like to add that the reason that some companies have moved there is that there is plenty of available land and there are very few or no laws regulating commerce,to protect the workers,no unions and low wages! We know how you feel - would never even go back to visit - and the "Christian, family man who has been in business for years" and "cares about you" this man that is the general manager of the Audi Voklswagon dealer - need we say more!

    Joe in Mauldin, South Carolina. Welcome to the Upstate! I'm originally from Poland. Been here since Married a Southern Belle! Lucius, I'm not sure where your information is coming from on North Carolina, but just like most states, there are poor parts and there are great parts. North Carolina is in no way a poor state when you are talking about areas like Charlotte, the Triad, and the Triangle.

    Home to most major pharmaceutical companies, banking capital of the SE, etc. Medical care is some of the best around. People coming from all over the world for Duke and Chapel Hill medical centers, with similar facilities throughout the state. I'm not doubting your assessment of SC with the amount of years you've lived there, but I've lived in NC all my life and the claims you make about the state seem to stem from ignorance.

    Top Titles for Greenville Jobs

    I think NC would definitely be worth looking at. Just ask the thousands moving here from the NE and Western states for job opportunities, safe communities, reasonable cost of living etc. As far as finding a job though, it's just like the rest of the country. It really depends on what you are looking for and what qualifications you have. It's competative everywhere, but things seem to be looking up.

    Just like any state, you can find good areas and bad. Dee in Hartsville, South Carolina. There is much more Yankee resistance in Greenville than in the Lowcountry. Charlestonians are by nature a friendly and outgoing people. Charleston is a very cosmopolitian city which continually catches the eye of the world,and as such has a constant influx of both tourist and new residents from all over the country. I am sure that your friend may attribute her business shortcomings to a lack of those old money patrons,however I am sure that a more reasonable explanation would be that Charleston, being a world class city has competition from the brightest and best of all fields.

    Top Employers for Greenville Jobs

    Stiff competition tends to weeds out the weakest links, and reward the best. I was born on the west coast, lived in the north though most of my life, but still a Californian at heart, love the warm weather in the south and beaches are just beautiful. I have also spent time in Charleston every summer for 12 years and moved there for awhile, now live more inland.

    I really believe the nicest people are for some reason on the coast. I would advise anyone from the north, unless they have friends' or relatives inland to move to the coast, you'll be much happier. Cris in Miami, Florida. I think it really depends on where you came from and where your living right at this moment.

    At first it seemed nice and very welcoming, but as time has progressed has been not so great. People here are rude,dirty,liars and wouldnt hesitate to stab you in the back for a secound. Also not so friendly they tend to stick to people from here and not"transplants" as they call us. We stick out as sire thumbs because we are educated which seems to be frowned upon by people here because they see it as a fear for them that you know more than them.

    Not to mention and I apologize, but if your white moving here you are treated even worse I mean i have lived some places and have had many of colored friends, but not here. Even my kids have been treated badly. They been ganged on,beat on,and basically treated like trash even my sons colored friends wont allow him in their houses only other black kids! Hi, I dont' know, we've been here for 2 months now, and can't hardly find anyone to even help us with yard work, so i guess we'll just do it ourselves, we are going to move in May , and probably not to Ohio, nor the carolinas ever again, Ohio's winter's are bad, although my family is there.

    Probably Florida would be the right way to go. You know my sister lives in Austin Tx and has for years, she was the asst. We lived in Charleston SC for 1 year and that wasn't like this at all. You could move there, but we have to go where my husband's job takes us. Lucius in Staten Island, New York said: I totally agree with you. I used to go to Charleston SC every summer for vacation, so current husband and I moved their years ago, had to move back to Ohio because of family,anyways to make a long story short, he was transferred here, I don't want to be here, we are a little inland from Myrtle Beach SC, but as far as friendliness I am heart broken!