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The Rights of Patients, by George J. Annas, is the second edition of this text, revised from the publication The Rights of Hospitalized Patients. This is o.
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Every chapter end with "tips for advocates" which is extremely helpful.

The book also reads easily and helps everyday people prepare to assert their rights as patients. I took a class with the author and this book is like being in lecture with Dr. Annas but you can stay in your favorite chair or even in bed!!! Long story short, went to the E. Quick money saving lessons learned at my BIG expense. Don't look up your symptoms on the internet and don't trust Web Md or any internet medical website for advice because at best they err on the side of caution thanks to lawyers and at worst they direct people to the hospital money machine.

The internet medical site made me think I was having an appendix problem and also said not to take a antacid which would make it worse. Have a strong prescription pain medication available to manage late night weekend pain to avoid hospital doctor visit. Having a loved one crying in pain and expecting to wait hours or days until the regular doctor office is open will be tough for a person to do, so its the ER or wait while you or they suffer.

Try over the counter heartburn medication or GasX to see if it stops the pain your having because you don't want to go to a regular doctor clinic only to have them tell you to take over the counter medication which you could've done before spending the money and time going to the doctor. I eat healthy and didn't have any heart burn burn sensation described in commercials so no burning sensation, instead my stomach felt like I was punched in the gut, sometimes the pain would radiate to my kidneys and lower back.

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From my research there have been people who went to the E. So I'm taking a OTC heartburn medication for any internal pain in by abdominal area. So I go with no health insurance to the hospital E. Before any test were done the nurse practitioner working the E. So I sit in another area while the nurse practitioner orders tests like blood work done, IV bag given to me, Sonogram, and CT scan with contrast.

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At the time, I even questioned if the CT scan was necessary because they mentioned all the x rays it does and radioactive contrast they wanted to use. But my questions were never answered and ignored by hospital staff who administered the CT test.

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After all the test were done, Nurse practitioner told me to take over the counter heart burn medication. The bill for all this? Nurse practitioner fee alone was 2 grand, blood work was 2 grand, Ct scan was 9 grand, IV bag dollars. It was over 14 grand to be told to take over the counter heartburn medication.

The Rights of Patients

The expensive tests requested by the nurse practitioner didn't indicate to try heartburn medication, that was something she knew to try from experience from treating people who suffered the same way I was suffering so why did she request all these expensive and harmful x ray tests? Because uninsured people get hit twice. They are punished with uninsured health penalty tax and with the full price of the Hospital Charge Master list. The Charge Master prices are often 10x or more than the cost the hospital pays.

There's an excellent time magazine article available on kindle for 99 cent call Bitter Pill which talks about all this. Interestingly I can't find the article in print form but only on kindle. There is also a excellent video called Wait Till Its Free. So in truth Medicare aka the government gets the best discount off the hospitals highly over inflated Charge Master prices and pay 35 percent but Joe public thinks the government is being billed the charge master prices. Your Gold health insurance you pay dearly for gets you a 40 percent discount on the charge master prices but again Joe public sees the charge master prices and think the insurance is paying the rest.

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Its a win win win scam for the Hospitals, health insurance companies and the government. Even at the government paying 35 percent of the charge master price the hospitals are still making money profits. Hospitals are making even more profit with insurance discounts. So in truth all the health insurance companies are doing is giving Joe public a discount over charge master prices hospitals have.

Then hospitals are really making money off the poor uninsured by charging them the full charge master prices. Sure I got a offer of 20 percent discount for paying in full and being uninsured.

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But here is where uncle same wins too Also hospitals can sue in court to get judgments to put liens on your property and garnish you checks. So seeing how this is huge money, I now know why none of the Over the counter medication books, home doctor books, dealing with hospital books, dealing with medical billing books have been helpful in my situation or to avoid the situation.

Who wants to help Joe public when everyone else is getting rich off of him. So in truth, everything you worked for your whole life is at risk of being ripped away from a hospital visit you need to stop the pain or under threat of death. In particular they both made level billing errors.

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The doctor charged at a Level 5 and the hospital charged at a Level 4 billing level. The higher the billing level the more urgent and severe you were when visiting the hospital E. So they billed me as if I was dying from a gun shot wound or something. I sent a polite and direct dispute letter to the hospital in regards to this level billing error. But only looks at the medical records and compares it to what was done to the sucker aka patient and what the patient received.

The Rights of Hospital Patients: The Basic ACLU Guide to a Hospital Patient's Rights

There's no accountability and a financially motive to run up hospital bills with excessive and highly price inflated hospital tests. The book is written for the laity, and the language is clear, straightforward, and free of jargon.

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Definitions generally are precise and helpful. In his introduction the author states that the most powerful concept shaping the practice of modern medicine is the recognition that patients have human rights and that the recognition of human rights is the only force powerful enough to prevent medicine from becoming an impersonal and dehumanizing industry.

Without denying the latent power of human rights and the desire of many of. The Rights of Patients: Sign in to access your subscriptions Sign in to your personal account. Create a free personal account to download free article PDFs, sign up for alerts, and more. America's leading proponent of patient rights spells it all out for you in this revised, up-to-date edition of his groundbreaking classic The Rights of Patients.

Thorough, comprehensive, and easy to follow, using a question-and-answer format in much of the text, The Rights of Patients explores all aspects of becoming an informed patient: Developed under the auspices of the American Civil Liberties Union, this indispensable guide also contains helpful appendices covering the Patient Bill of Rights Act, the Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney, the right to refuse treatment, how to use medical and law libraries, and similar valuable resources.

Everyone is a potential candidate for patienthood. Therefore everyone should be fully informed and aware of his or her rights when facing health crises.