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You will spend a lot more time on the groom when the coat is not clean. A dog's ears and face are especially important, as people tend to go easy in these areas .
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Groom the dog for its next appointment. Set customers up on a six-week schedule. Booking in advance helps you avoid having an overgrown mess on your hands. Use clipper blades and comb attachments as much as possible. Blow out before bathing. Sometimes, using a high-velocity dryer before a bath can help force out thick, blowing undercoat. This will prevent the hair from settling as it dries, and your trim will look much better and last much longer. Use a coat spray on every dog after they are bathed and dried, but before cutting them down.

Mist and brush up the coat, so you are not back brushing the whole coat as you are cutting. This will produce a better finish on the coat without having to go over the coat a ton of times. Never back brush while cutting. You will save time by not back brushing while you are cutting if you just go to a shorter blade to start.

Use a Groomers Helper safety and positioning system for difficult dogs. Dogs are a lot less intimidated when properly restrained and will struggle less. This will help the groom go quicker, which is good for you and the dog.

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Always talk to customers with positive words and turn negatives into positives. The ears look great trimmed short. Your dog looks like a puppy again. It was the best thing to do for him because of the matting.

Use your clipper as much as possible. One thing I learned from Liz Paul about Poodle bevels was to comb all your coat from the legs down. Wrap your fingers around the leg, thumb and pointing finger at the bottom. Then, take a 40 blade just below your clipper work. Keep your blade almost straight in to the coat. This will create an almost perfect bevel every time. A goof-proof way to do a Poodle topknot can be a lifesaver. First, make sure your clipper work is straight and even on both sides.

Then, comb all of the coat to one side with your blade angle out. Cut a straight line from the outside corner of the eye to the front top edge of the ear and then over the ear itself. When you hit the back of the ear, you can turn your scissor angle inward and blend in the neck. Repeat on the second side. Then, the key is to split the topknot in half, look over and make sure both parts are even before combing it forward and rounding it out. Flip the coat up and tweak.


Tips From a Dog Groomer

On dogs with coats that lie flat on their back, I like to use a longer blade or comb attachment in reverse. This prevents me from having to comb the coat up multiple times to get the look I want. Water is often overlooked as a therapeutic agent. Once I know everything is soaked, I let the dog stand with product on while I flush the ears, scrub the face and do anal glands.

This allows the water to soften the skin, which means a cleaner dog and much easier de-shedding. Then, I go over the dog a second time with product before rinsing to wash away dead skin.

Step by step Dog Grooming - Order of the Groom on a Well Maintained Dog

I schedule my customers one year in advance to keep the dogs looking and feeling their best. Keep pictures of well-groomed dogs displayed in your shop. They are great a reference, and they train the eye of your dog owners on what a good trim looks like. Many will be drawn to some modified version of the style. Puppy grooming can be a challenge at times.

I found that using the Groomers Helper keeps the pup in place, thus you have to correct it less, making it a more relaxing event. Teach some of your extra-large breeds and long-coat breeds to lie on their side to be groomed. You will need a helper in the beginning to train them, but these dogs tend to be on the table for extended amounts of time. Giving them a long break while you are still working on them will make life a lot easier.

13 Secrets of Pet Groomers | Mental Floss

When you get to the end of your groom, the dog can stand up and is rested, so you can finish them quicker—and better—in most cases. At the end of most days, we are all tired and not looking forward to the next day in the salon. While some pet groomers focus exclusively on cats, most avoid them. They see it more as a necessary evil than a field to thrive in. Barking dogs, running water, and blow dryers can make pet grooming shops noisy places to work.

But keeping the volume as quiet as possible is integral to making sure the animals feel safe. I diffuse essential oils and keep my own energy low.

On the inside trim

According to Mandi Gorton, cats are afraid of drowning, rather than water per se. Pet groomers are often called dog and cat whisperers for good reason. Their ability to quickly connect emotionally with a new animal, establish control, and convince the animal to trust them takes a great deal of skill, knowledge, and experience. Like horses, cats and dogs read people and pick up on body language cues. As Massachusetts pet groomers Kathy and Missi Salzberg explain , many people enter the profession because they prefer to spend time with animals rather than people.

One more step

But although pet groomers have a rapport with animals, they must also be able to converse and connect with their owners. Besides having customer service capabilities, successful pet groomers must effectively communicate with pet owners about what type of hair cut they want and clearly instruct pet owners how to take care of their pet between grooming sessions. While groomers may reward good behavior with dog treats or distract insecure cats with catnip, their number one secret weapon is a simple comb.

Grooming styles vary based on breed and range, from a puppy cut to a lion cut. We both had to giggle about that and I may just use her terminology! Depending on the state and city in which they work, some pet groomers may need to be licensed and certified. Organizations such as the National Dog Groomers Association of America and the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists teach groomers about everything from clipping styles and cutting nails to anatomy and behavior.

According to Certified Feline Master Groomer Lynn Paolillo, who works as an instructor and certifier for the National Cat Groomers Institute of America , cat groomers who want to become certified learn about feline temperaments, how to recognize breeds, correct color terminology, handling techniques, and common health concerns and symptoms.

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Groomers who certify with the National Cat Groomers Institute of America must also pass four written exams and five practical exams, proving that they have mastered clipper skills, bathing and drying, and safety. Working as a pet groomer can be extremely physically demanding. Circulation problems, varicose veins, overstressed tendons and ligaments—these are common ailments in this profession.

For many, staying physically fit is also a priority. Besides looking out for ticks, fleas, and ringworm, they can often spot infections and life-threatening lumps. The dog was diagnosed with anal sac carcinoma, a malignant cancer that disproportionately affects cocker spaniels. Because the cancer was caught and removed early, the cocker spaniel survived her illness, all thanks to an observant and knowledgeable pet groomer. Because pet groomers love animals, it can be particularly difficult to see cats and dogs in bad shape. Whether a cat is severely matted or a dog has sores on his skin, animals in distress are a troubling reality of the job.

Jared Gorton echoes Paolillo's point, explaining that matting is entirely preventable. Once that education has been given and received, there are no excuses for it to happen again. Pet groomers love making a living by caring for animals, and receiving affection and gratitude from their animal clients gives them true joy.

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